Community Boost’s 2020 Annual Vision

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3 min to read ✭ In this post, our CEO and Founder, Cameron Ripley, goes over our 2020 theme and vision for where Community Boost will go in the new year.

2020 is here, but it feels like yesterday it was 2012 and Community Boost was just starting out. Our original mission was to inspire many, innovate relentlessly, and impact amazing causes. It’s pretty cool that we’re doing that every day. I’m really excited for 2020.

The Year of Trailblazing

We have a kickoff soon and we’re going to be talking about how we’re approaching the year. For us, we always determine a theme for the year and our 2020 theme here at Community Boost is the year of trailblazing. We’re going to be trailblazing pathways for progress. This is a direct acknowledgment of Salesforce, which has influenced us a lot in how we built a new customer development team, how they have such a philanthropic side to their business and we just couldn’t think of a better word that really encapsulates what we want. We want them to pioneer new services and to really say this is the path team, this is how you follow me. And to see that all the way through.

We’ve had a lot of team members now stepping into director roles and they need to provide these pathways. They need to blaze these trails. We have new team members, area practice managers, who are taking a certain area of practice like analytics or ad grants to a whole new height. They have to determine what that path will look like. How can people on the team follow in their footsteps? 2019 was amazing, but it’s my job to make sure 2020 is even better.

Double the Margin, Double the Fun

This year, we want to be a healthy agency, so we’re going to do what we can to double the margin but also double the fun. We’re bringing back sprints. We always managed through OKRs in the past couple of years, which are objectives and key results. However, there was something missing for us personally as a team, so we’re going to start using the Salesforce V2MOM model, which stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measurement. How do you measure the success of this plan? We’re going to be doing that for the company level, department level, and the individual level. That’s really the framework that the team will be using for their pathways.

We worked with 180 causes last year. I think this year we will definitely get into the 200s and that’s amazing. I remember when this company was working with two nonprofits. We’re definitely looking to continue to grow, but for us, that’s growing our impact. We raised millions of dollars last year for our nonprofit partners. We want to continue to double down on that. I’m fired up for this year. I think that the team is going to be really excited about this theme and that it’s going to resonate with them.  I’m excited in this spirit of trailblazing to also empower our own team and give them the opportunity to really be leaders because one of the original mantras in this company was to create your own tomorrow. I always try to give team members an opportunity to continue to step up and to step up in their impact here, both with our team and for our clients.

Improving Our Impact

We’ll keep you posted on how the year of trailblazing comes to fruition. For me, I like to try and shoot this content to put a flag in the ground. A big part of this is we’re trailblazing new services this year and that’s a big part of how we’re actually going to improve not just our margin, but our impact for clients because we’re not just here to charge more, we’re here to provide more value.

Digital marketing in 2020 is omnichannel. We need to bring the full picture together for more of our partners. It’s been super advantageous to be great at what we do, but now we have enough team members where we can be great at all channels and still super-specialized, not overly generalized and mediocre. So that’s a little bit about 2020. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be a great year. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to watch this content. Part of me filming is to put it in a time capsule because we dream of being one of San Diego’s best purpose-driven organizations, to inspire more purpose-driven businesses and also to inspire nonprofits to think differently and make a bigger impact and to really leverage what’s possible online. That’s all I got right now. See you next time.

Cameron Ripley

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