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How to Run a Nonprofit Virtual Event

Steps to Plan and Execute a Successful Virtual Event Masks, social distancing, and staying at home are now the norm. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our world functions and nonprofits must learn to adapt and transform. Until we are able to host in-person events again, it’s…

What Makes Up Great Nonprofit Marketing

How can we as nonprofit marketers, that are often under-resourced and overstretched, excel at our jobs? Today, we’re going to talk about the three S’s that make up the mindset of the best nonprofit marketers—Self-awareness, Storytelling, and Speed.   Self-Awareness The greatest teams and leaders have to be…

How COVID-19 is Impacting Year-End Fundraising

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way nonprofits operate and think about fundraising but one question lingering on the minds of many is how will it affect year-end fundraising in 2020? Will it have an impact at all or can the social sector expect things to be par…

Why Marketing is a Need Not a Want

Life has thrown us the major curveball that is COVID-19. So the big question here is how do we adapt? Organizations that have pivoted their strategies to be more digitally focused and have effectively invested in their marketing efforts online are the organizations that are not only surviving…

Boost Your Year-End Giving With Facebook, Google Ads, and Email

Amplify your year-end fundraising efforts and watch our webinar with Classy on how to boost your year-end giving with Facebook, Google Ads, Email, and more!

How to Explain the Importance of Social Media to Your Nonprofit Board

Social media is an important platform to utilize in order to broaden your nonprofit’s reach and grow its audience, but not everybody thinks so. We’re sharing some tips on how to explain the importance of social media to your nonprofit’s board of directors for modernizing your digital marketing strategy.

How to Find Great Hashtags to Market Your Nonprofit

#Hashtags have the ability to broaden your reach and expand your audience! We’re diving into the importance of using hashtags and how to find great ones to market your nonprofit. Check it out!

Why You Need to Invest in Digital Now

Learn the importance of investing in digital for your nonprofit’s marketing strategy.

What Does It Mean to SCALE Your Nonprofit?

Learn what it means to scale your nonprofit and how you can scale your organization’s profit and impact.

Why Now is the Best Time to Reach Older Donors on Facebook

Learn what it means to scale your nonprofit and how you can scale your organization’s profit and impact.