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How to Master Paid Google Ads: Youtube, Display, and More

Paid Google Ads is the connection between supporters searching for information about the organizations they are passionate about and the charities that are working every day to create the impact. It is mind-blowing to see how something so massive, like Google, can be the binding factor between donors…

Webinar Recap: Microsoft Social Impact Offers for Nonprofits

In case you missed our webinar last Thursday, we have recapped the most important highlights that the Give with Bing and Microsoft for Nonprofits teams talked about.    Microsoft Tech for Social Impact is a technology service offering nonprofits discounted and donated solutions that can help them scale…

Combining PPC & SEO Strategy For Nonprofits

Why Use PPC and SEO Together? Google PPC ads and SEO both appear on the search engine results page, but serve different roles in any nonprofit’s marketing strategy. It’s a common misconception that if an organization is ranking well for keywords organically, they don’t have to invest in…

How to Effectively Launch Your Year End Campaign

What are your nonprofits’ top pain points in fundraising? In order to build your year-end fundraising campaign, this is the most important question to ask in order to understand what doesn’t and what does work when it comes to building your fundraising strategy. We stress to all of…

How to Use Google Ads Experiments

When to Use Experiments By utilizing Google Ads experiments, you are able to test campaign variables more directly. Experiments allow you to split budget equally between original campaigns and experiment campaigns, which helps to determine which variable or strategy is more effective with all things being otherwise equal….

How to Apply for the Google Ad Grant (2020 Update)

In May 2020, Google Ad Grants launched a new activation process for Ad Grants accounts. The biggest change is that nonprofits no longer need to create an account for activation. Instead, the Ad Grants Support Team will create an account, activate it, and invite the nonprofit to access…

New AdWords User Interface (Alpha)

The long awaited AdWords UI, called AdWords Alpha is rolling out. Although not everyone has access, Community Boost created a first-look at what to expect with AdWords Alpha. Our team is thrilled to see a new and sleek design that is expected to be more user-friendly. We have…

Google Ad Grant: What It Is, How It Works, & Where to Get Started

Learn what the Google Ad Grant is, how to get started with it, and why it can be a valuable resource for your nonprofit’s marketing strategy.

Three Classy Webinars to Help Drive Nonprofit’s Year-End Donations

We’re sharing three extremely resourceful Classy webinars that will help you to drive your nonprofit’s year-end donations. Check ’em out!

How to Build Successful Crisis Shell Campaigns With the Google Ad Grant

We’re sharing what steps your nonprofit needs to take to make the biggest impact during a crisis shell campaign! Learn more about building crisis campaigns in today’s #dailyvlog.