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Another week begins and finds you staring at “it” again. What’s IT? Your desk. And it’s a mess…again. You’re a busy professional working hard to get your organization seen by new supporters and funded by donors who want to see your mission activated in their community and you don’t have TIME to get organized.  

I see your desk over there, and you should have seen mine just a few weeks ago. The summer is just racing along and shifting from weekend brunch vibes to work mode can be difficult at times. In fact, it can be downright impossible.

I know. I’ve been there. It doesn’t help when you have a full team and staff waiting for you to give them directives on what to do next. You are looking at that pile on your desk, looking at the emails in your inbox, getting the buzz of slack on your phone; and, it’s enough to make you just throw your hands up and walk out. Spoiler alert! No online system is going to “save” you. Let’s be honest. You could have Notion, Monday, Clickup, AND Siri giving you reminders and you are still struggling by midweek to stay on top of everything without working around the clock or stressing your team out (again).

Here are 3 tips for getting organized today before tomorrow shows up to see your work and home life in a mess.

Delegate Three (3) big tasks.

Yep! I mean it. Delegation is not just about getting something off your “to-do” list. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to grow your team members’ skills and confidence. It models teamwork and allows for vulnerability and foster connection. When done well, it actually encourages your team members to come back for more (yes…more) because they know you are invested in their growth. So think about three things you have on your list this week you can ask a team member to step in and handle. Make sure you’re clear on what success looks like and what challenges they may face so you aren’t asking them to do a task you will ultimately take back. 


Create 3 priority stacks for projects.

Prioritize your project work. What’s going to move the needle and make progress to your goals? What is important to someone else’s agenda but not to yours? What will involve lots of other people in order to get it done? Make a DO NOW, DO LATER, and DO WITH OTHERS stack for your projects. Step back and see which is the biggest pile and why. Here’s where you need to be brutal. Do you have the right piles? Are you spending too much time on the wrong things? 

Close your calendar or planner and move it to the side until you need it.

It’s human nature to look at our calendar or planner every minute (especially if you’re like me and you keep all your tasks in one of those places). But it’s also very distracting because it’s often a reminder of what we didn’t get to yet as opposed to what we have accomplished. In other words, it’s a distraction. So put it away until you are finished with what’s in front of you (or until you need it). 


Are these tips what you need to make this upcoming Q3 and Q4 spectacular? I’d say it’s a good start! But, you might need a little more support as well. And I’ve got a solution that will help you become a better manager before you head into fall campaign season! 


Before we say goodbye to summer, I’ve created a one-day virtual “summer camp” experience for stressed-out, busy people managers called KISH CAMP

kishshana camp

What is KISH Camp

This is a virtual management intensive I created to help leaders looking to grow their management skills and lead with confidence. You’ve started a company and are CEO but you might be a new manager still trying to figure it out. You might be a seasoned manager dealing with one specific challenge. Maybe you’re struggling with one of the hardest parts of managing people — delegation. Or maybe you need practice on how to have tough conversations.


Together, we will cover the areas I see managers struggling with the most and you’ll get actionable tools to start using the very next day. 


Picture it – Live Sessions, campfire style learning, a community of like – minded people managers, and a dope instructor + facilitator leading the charge all from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop! Here’s what we will cover in Kish Camp that’ll set you up for success:


Delegating to Win | Dealing with Performance | Team Planning + Development | Mastering Meetings 

You’ll be able to select from ONE of four camp session dates so you can pick one that works for you. You only have to choose one session because we make it happen in one day. We are going to cover a ton on your day so think of it like the BEST day camp, ever. You’ll be full, you’ll be sun-drenched and tired but after your one day session you’ll be an official Kish Camper.

Session One: Aug 3, 2022

Session Two: Aug 10, 2022

Session Three: Sep 7, 2022

Session Four: Sep 14, 2022


Are you ready to be a more effective people manager who knows how to support and sustain a healthy, thriving team? 


Come to Kish Camp! 


And JUST for being an attendee at the Nonprofit Marketing Summit,  I’m giving you a coupon for $50 OFF the cost of Kish Camp. Use the code: KISHCAMP50 to redeem it by Jul 31, 2022

Become An Attendee

kishshana palmer

Kish Camp will give you all the strategies you need to head into the fall – with the tools you need to meet and exceed your goals –  tucked in your management bag. 


Kish Camp™ is a learning experience offered by Kishshana & Co., an organizational development + leadership learning company focused on equity centered strategic consulting, executive coaching and leadership education. Kishshana & Co. advises organizations on how to develop pathways to organizational sustainability, cultivate inclusive leadership and management practices and culture and retain diverse, high performing teams that drive impact.

Kishshana & Co.

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