The Online Donor Deciding Journey

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, we’ll go over a framework to craft the messaging for your donors in order to increase conversion rates and expand your online donor base. 

Today, we’re going to introduce you to the Online Donor Deciding Journey. This is adapted from a for-profit framework, but we wanted to look at it through a nonprofit lens. It is a powerful exercise to go through with your marketing team to think through the potential questions a donor may be asking, and how your messaging and storytelling shows up in those instances. It can take your conversion rates to new heights and ultimately help you in creating, elevating, capturing, and expanding your online donor base.   


donor deciding journey


In the Donor Deciding Journey, your donors are asking a series of key questions they need to answer to meet specific business goals. The unique pressures of each of these donation moments call for specific stories, situational skills and appropriate messaging—tailored to meet the demands of the decision at hand.

  • Creating ValueAnswer Why Change and Why You by telling a compelling enough story to defeat the status quo and differentiate your organization from the competition to create more qualified donor leads
  • Elevating ValueAnswer Why Invest and Why Now by putting together a meaningful and impactful reason as to why a donor should give to you.
  • Capturing Value Answer Why This Much and Why Online to expand the size of your donations, avoid slacktivism and to increase gift size.
  • Expand ValueAnswer Why Continue, Why Donate More, to defend your incumbent advantage with existing donors and continue to grow the mission.

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