San Francisco Online Marketing Workshop Recap with Google and Classy

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2 min to read ✭ In today's post, you'll get an inside look at what took place at our online marketing workshop in Google's San Francisco community space. 

Recently we had the opportunity to partner with Google and Classy to host an amazing nonprofit digital marketing workshop with a big focus on year-end giving. We hosted this for over 120 San Francisco-based nonprofit leaders at Google’s beautiful community space overlooking the Bay Bridge. We want to give a very big thank you to the entire Google Ad Grants team as well as the Classy team that made the event possible. So many nonprofit leaders walked out of this event both inspired and filled with ideas, tactics, and clear priorities to take their online revenue and digital efforts to the next level. 


How to Scale Online Funding and Impact

We began with a big welcome and exciting chat from Justin Steele, Director of Americas for Next, our CEO and Founder, Cameron Ripley, moderated a panel on how to scale online funding and impact with search ads. Our goal was to help empower the audience to get the most out of their $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant. The panel included a star-studded lineup of Michelle Hurtado, Global Head of Ad Grants, Katie Green, the Digital Giving Manager of The Trevor Project, and Black Arata, Director of Traffic and Conversion here at Community Boost.


How to Maximize Year-End Giving

From there we dove into a takeaway filled presentation on how to maximize year-end giving. Katie Golan, the Lead Product Marketing Manager for Classy, kicked things off and shared some incredible fundraising data trends and insights. Shannon O’Neill Crile from the Ad Grants team then dove into top recommendations to get the most out of both the Google Ad Grant, but also how to compliment your Ad Grant with paid Google ads to further drive online conversions. Then Michael Goodrum, Director of Client Service here at Community Boost, walked us through some Ad Grant case studies while highlighting the benefits of maximizing conversion bidding strategy.


Ad Grant Action and Support

Last but not least, the session ended with hands-on support and a focus on Ad Grant action and improvements. We brought seven Community Boost team members and with Google team’s support, we provided one-on-one Ad Grant audits to help as many nonprofit attendees as possible. Again, a big thank you to the Google Ad Grants team and the Classy team for all the belief and support to make this event a reality. Be sure to watch the full sessions in their entirety if you’d like to learn more about the details of the panel or the presentation.

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