How To Write A DEI Statement

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2 min to read ✭ Learn how to write an effective DEI statement by acknowledging what goes into one and see how Community Boost wrote theirs.

As Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are becoming more integrated into an organization’s goals and operating procedures, it’s important to define DEI initiatives. Outlining DEI-related goals can help shape the actionable steps of the organization such as diverse hiring methods and investing member learning. Learn how to write a DEI statement to enhance the success of your nonprofit.

What Is A DEI Statement?


A DEI Statement is a formal declaration of the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. This statement should outline the mission and values of the organization along with the actionable steps that the organization will take in order to achieve that mission. It should voice what employees, customers and followers should know about the organization’s values.


Different Elements Of A DEI Statement


There is no exact template for DEI statements, but there are specific things that organizations can outline that will communicate to make an actionable DEI statement. 


DEI Goals


Organizations should have reasons why they’re working on DEI initiatives. What does the organization want to accomplish? What can the organization do to enhance DEI initiatives?

By creating goals, it shows the organization’s intentions and it shows that the organization is willing to make changes in order to accomplish those intentions. After all, actions speak louder than words.




An organization’s DEI initiatives should align with the organization’s values. Organizations are all unique and embrace different values. Organizations should take an introspective look at their existing values and determine how they relate to DEI.

What aspects does the organization value when it comes to selecting new employees? How does the organization structure workloads and work-life balance? Thinking through critical values makes an organization’s DEI statement more personal to the team and unique.


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Community Boost’s DEI Statement


Community Boost’s DEI statement is “At Community Boost, our mission is to empower social ventures changing the world. In order to live fully into our mission, we must build the strongest, highest performing team possible. In order to build a best-in-class team and realize our true collective impact, we must empower our own internal team first and foremost.

That’s why we view diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as mission-critical here at Community Boost and it is why we are committed to investing, accelerating, reporting, and educating on the progress of our own internal DEI efforts.”


Community Boost’s DEI Commitments


Diversity, equity, and inclusion accelerate our ability to scale social impact both internally and externally. Our DEI efforts spark inspiration and are a catalyst for faster innovation.


Be A Reflection of the World We Serve


  • Our vision is that the Community Boost team is a reflection of the world and the people we serve and support.


Equitable Practices & Pay


  • Our team should see themselves in our policies and practices, regardless of factors like family responsibilities, religion, gender identities and disabilities. We practice transparent and clear pay structures that further analyze and closeout pay disparities.


Amplify & Make a Stand for Underrepresented Communities


  • At Community Boost we have built an audience and are committed to making a stand and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities at events like our Nonprofit Marketing Summit and more.




  • We can’t improve what we aren’t measuring and we must report our progress – both the good and the bad – in order to optimize our DEI efforts faster and more effectively.




  • Commitment to education internally and externally and sharing what we do well and what we have learned.


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