How To Create A DEI Strategy in 2022

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In 2022, there is tons of talk about creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments in the workplace. We have learned a lot about how to get there but we still have a long way to go and there are still many misconceptions. Organizations are creating some sort of “performative wokeness,” where they talk and support these ideals, but they are not taking steps or creating a DEI strategy to do so. 


We now know that diverse groups actually outperform homogenous groups and because we live in a more diverse world, we can’t just hope that equity happens. We need to take action and we can start with creating a solid DEI strategy. 


What Is A Good DEI Strategy?

Research has shown that forcing DEI training or having performance reviews actually has adverse effects on diverse employees in managerial positions. Rather, to have a good DEI strategy, organizations should focus on principles and changing company culture rather than implementing new rules and requirements. Having a diverse team is only the first step. Making sure those people feel heard, understood, and respected is where inclusion comes in.

Sure, you can look at other organizations and copy what they are doing, or you can claim to hire more diverse people. However, the goal of a good DEI strategy is to actually create a more equitable environment in the workplace. A good DEI strategy can be tracked, improved, and sustainable.  

Creating the DEI Strategy

1. Get Leadership Involved

To ensure success for your DEI strategy, you can use the top-down approach. Employees will see the commitment and importance when the DEI initiatives are backed by leadership.

2. Understanding Biases

DEI implies that Diversity comes before equity and inclusion. However, in order to have true diversity and inclusion, there needs to be equity first. The first step to creating equity is to be able to admit and understand personal and organizational biases that have led to and continue to hinder the possibility of a truly diverse world. 

3. Reach Out For Help

There are tons of companies and professionals offering good DEI strategy examples. Reaching out to those who have tested and dedicated their lives work to creating a more equitable world are the people we need to look to for advice. We recommend having DEI speakers do training, learning sessions, or just have these resources available company-wide so everyone can align on the goals. 

4. Have Specified Leaders or A Group for DEI Initiatives

Creating a DEI committee, resource groups, or actually hiring a Chief DEI Officer can be a huge help towards having a successful DEI strategy. These leaders can ask questions like:

How are various groups represented at the executive and management levels?

Are certain employee demographics more likely to leave your company than others?

How likely are certain employee groups promoted compared to others?

…And create special initiatives to address these questions.

Create Your DEI Statement

Why is your company taking the initiative to create a DEI strategy? How are you planning to do it? What values and goals is your team trying to accomplish.  A DEI Statement is a formal declaration of the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This statement should outline the mission and values of the organization along with the actionable steps that the organization will take in order to achieve that mission.

Learn how to create a DEI statement.

Compile DEI Data

To ensure accountability and success with your DEI strategy, it is important to create proper tracking and metrics. Just like any other digital marketing campaign, measuring the outcomes of your strategy will help you analyze what worked and what did not work so you can make the appropriate changes. 

Doing a survey to develop an understanding of the company demographics and where the employees stand with their ideas and personal goals of DEI can help you create the DEI strategy you need specific to your company. 

Check out the breakdown of Community Boost’s company data.


What DEI Strategy Will You Implement?

Implementing DEI Initiatives might be overwhelming. However, your organization or team will not reach its full potential unless a good DEI strategy is established in 2022. 

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