How to Keep the Momentum Going Through December’s Month of Giving

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2 min to read ✭ Whether or not you had a successful Giving Tuesday, these tips will allow you to continue taking advantage of the most saturated giving time of the year!

It’s finally December! After the big build-up from Giving Tuesday, I’m sure you can take a nice deep breath. But now what? How do you keep this momentum going through December or during the ‘inevitable trough’?

Well, we are here to tell you that 31% of all giving occurs during December. This is indeed the most important time of the year! This is the consideration phase for most of your potential donors so it’s time for a little urgency.

Learn more about how you can keep up your fundraising momentum throughout December:

Updating Copy During The Main Giving Month

Let’s focus on keeping things fresh this month! We talked about urgency. To reflect the urgent message of “it’s your last chance to give”, change your copy on your page, on social, and all of your ads. People need to know the benefits of giving to your cause over others because although it’s the most saturated giving month, not everyone will be giving to your cause! 

You can create urgency by not only changing copy but also using an omni-channel approach. A widely-accepted marketing rule is that on average, it takes about 7 touches before a potential customer (or donor) will be provoked to take action. When someone sees your ad on Facebook and then come across it again on Youtube, this could really be the ticket to having them decide to contribute.

Instead of this:                                                                                   Try this:

momentum-month-of-giving-urgency                                     fundraising-momentum-december

Launch A Match During This Giving Month

Matches can raise 3x to 5x more than non-match campaigns. If implemented correctly, you should almost always see a lift in revenue from launching a matching gift campaign during the giving months.

The other plus to matching gifts is that you can engage all donors no matter what level of donor they are. Right now is a great time to major donors or your board members and see how much they are willing to match!

Giving Month Fundraising Benchmarks

This is a good time to give value to your potential donors, not only ask for it. By providing fundraising benchmarks during the national giving month, donors will get excited. They can view how much you have raised so far and what it has accomplished for your cause. This gets them excited, engaged, and increases that consideration phase. You can do this on social posts, on your site, or just by simply sending out an email!



How to Use the Right Channels Throughout the Giving Month

We talked about creating urgency but again, how do you do that? It’s time to increase your budgets and really make a big push! This means you’ll be making a high-frequency of asks, and your nonprofit should take this into consideration when creating copy and changing your site. If there is any chance a donor is on your site, you want to make that path to completing the donation simple and streamlined. These channel application examples will help you navigate through creating urgency and impact:

  1. Social Ads: Conversion Campaign
  2. Youtube & Display: Remarketing Only
  3. Search Advertising: Emphasis on Branded Keywords
  4. Onsite Conversion Design: Creating a streamlined path to your donation page with welcome mats and exit-Intent Pop-ups.

We like to say it’s time to compete, remind, compete, make it easy, and CLOSE! Ready to raise your total donations by 50% this month?

For more details, download The Complete Guide To Year-End Fundraising 2021.

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