Facebook Instant Experience Ads for Nonprofits

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3 min to read ✭ In this post, you'll learn how to use Instant Experience ads for donations, storytelling, and keeping your audience on platform.

What are Facebook Instant Experience Ads?

In an Instant Experience ad on Facebook, we are creating a mini landing page on the ad itself so when users click through, it expands to have more information, photos, and videos that can help tell the story of your organization. They are full-screen and mobile-only so they create a very tailored experience for mobile users. 

Instant Experience ads can be for highlighting shop items, showcasing your strongest image/video creative for an emotional donation appeal, or storytelling your mission with dynamic creative to those who may not be familiar with your organization. 

Overall, Instant Experience ads are a great way to familiarize audiences with your mission and learn more about your mobile audience while also keeping users on platform without the assistance of a landing page.

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Advantages of Instant Experience Ads

With iOS 14 and remarketing changes within Facebook, it is in the best interest of your org to keep as many users on Facebook for on-platform retargeting rather than redirecting them to a website. 

There are multiple options for Instant Experience depending on your goals, from virtual storefronts to storytelling and even an instant experience lead form to capture contact information for newsletters or specific campaigns, the customization options are endless. 

These ads are also a full-screen experience, so they remove any other screen distractions from your user and give your message the complete attention of your audience.


Uses for Nonprofits

If your organization has merchandise, Instant Experiences are a great way to create a virtual storefront, highlight key products, and direct users straight to the products you want them to see. You can also add descriptions, more images, and videos than you could in a regular ad, and drive home your mission within one ad. 

For those who do not want to highlight merchandise, we can also use an Instant Experience to showcase your best image or video creative and dynamically to introduce your story to unfamiliar audiences for awareness or a strong donation appeal. 

A newer feature also allows you to run lead generation through an Instant Experience, which offers more opportunities for creativity than a traditional Facebook lead form. With the Instant form option, you can connect these to your CRM and have automatic lead capture that is mobile-only and coupled with strong creative.


The Importance of Instant Experience Ads

With the impact of iOS 14 on remarketing capabilities, we need to get creative on Facebook to make sure our audiences are engaged and staying on the Facebook platform. Instant Experience ads are a great way to showcase your organization in a way that is not only dynamic and creative but gives your message the complete attention of your audience. 

With customizable templates, these are an easy way to test new messaging and bring a new and exciting mobile experience to users. 

From lead generation capabilities to shop campaigns, Instant Experience ads are worth testing in your next campaign.

Wondering how to create a Facebook Instant Experience Ad? Head to How to Use Facebook Instant Experience. 

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