4 Incredible Online Tools for Nonprofits

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Over the last decade, the internet and all technologies related to it have been advancing at an absolutely blistering pace. With the rise of the internet, a wide myriad of tools have evolved and become available for both for-profit and nonprofit businesses alike. However, in recent years, there’s been a massive upswing in the amount of tools and services available that cater exclusively to the nonprofit sector. In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to 4 exceptional tools and services that can help take your nonprofit to the next level – check them out!


1. Classy

Classy is an amazing online fundraising platform based out of San Diego that exists solely to help you earn the funding to meet your goals as a non-profit. The folks over at Classy are absolute experts at all things fundraising, whether you want to run a donation day campaign, online fundraising campaign, peer to peer campaign, run/walk/bike-athon, or anything in between. To date, they’ve worked with 3,000+ organizations, including some of the biggest players out there: Teach for America, Heifer International, and The World Food Program just to name a few. If fundraising is your gig, you’re going to want to give Classy a look!


2. MailChimp

Looking to set up an amazing automated email system, create an email marketing subscriber list, or just manage all your marketing emails in one place? Look no further! MailChimp is a great program that you can use to set up and automate absolutely awesome email marketing campaigns. With over 15 million people and businesses using MailChimp today, it’s a trusted and easy to use platform that makes email marketing a piece of cake. Did we mention the fact that nonprofits can get up to a 15% discount? Go check this awesome tool out if you need assistance with your email marketing!


3. The Google Grant

The Google Grant! If you’ve been a reader of Community Boost’s Blog in the past, or are at all familiar with us you know that we absolutely love the Google Grant. Why’s that? Well to put it simply, once your nonprofit has applied and been accepted to the Google Grant, your organization will receive $10,000 of Google Adwords credit every month. Yeah, you read that right. Utilized properly, this grant can have an incredible effect on your nonprofit’s ability to drive traffic to your website. What are you waiting for? Go apply and get your free $10,000/month! (Or, if you’re too busy changing the world to worry about Google Adwords, shoot us an email. We’re pretty darn good at this kind of thing)


4. Facebook for Nonprofits

One of the newest online tools for nonprofits, Facebook for Nonprofits is the social media giant’s first foray into the nonprofit space. By using Facebook for Nonprofits, you’ll be able to leverage Facebook’s massive network and internet presence, as well as receive tips from Facebook on how to increase your page’s popularity, design online fundraising campaigns, create and publicize your nonprofit’s future events, and more. Facebook’s new “Donate Now” Call to Action button is also an awesome new feature, making it crazy easy for your supporters to donate to you with the mere click of a mouse. Scope it out!

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