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Digital marketing and online fundraising insights for nonprofit marketers. This blog covers Google Ad Grants, Facebook and Instagram Advertising and many other strategies and tactics to help nonprofit marketers increase online revenue.

How to Apply Radical Candor to Your Work Culture

Kim Scott’s book, “Radical Candor,” is not only a valuable read, but a great point of inspiration for not just Nonprofit Leaders, but any sort of person in a management or leadership role. If you’re looking to up your leadership game or your management style or even your mentorship, this is for you!

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Case Study: How the Google Ad Grant Can Drive Results

Over the years, we’ve seen what the Google Ad Grant is capable of. Now it’s time how we’ve seen the Ad Grant help nonprofits across the board. Let’s dive into an overview of what the Google Ad Grant is and how it has helped nonprofits like All Hands And Hearts, Moms In Prayer International, Days For Girls, and To Write Love On Her Arms.

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Arizona Science Center Facebook Ad Case Study

ARIZONA SCIENCE CENTER TICKET SALESPushing AZSC To Hit Their Ticket Sales Goals With a brand new exhibit Pompeii: The Exhibit on the horizon, Arizona Science Center knew they would need a robust digital strategy to hit their sales goals. With the support of Community...

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Tenement Museum Google Ad Grant Case Study

Google Ad Grant Tenement Case StudyTenement Museum’s Google Ad Grant just wasn’t working for them. Tenement Museum was already approved for their $10,000/month Google Ad Grant, but they just couldn’t seem to get much value out of it. They had an amazing mission and...

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Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium Recap

1 min read ✭  Check out our of the USD Nonprofit Governance Symposium!A Brief Overview of the Two-Day Event:The Community Boost team had the honor of sponsoring and attending the Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium at USD. With the worlds concerns not taking any...

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