Session 1

State of Nonprofit Digital Marketing 2020

In this session, Cameron Ripley—founder and CEO of Community Boost covers the state of nonprofit digital marketing in 2020. 

Session 2

Nonprofit Websites That Work

In this session, Rod Arnold—founder of Leading Good covers how to design a nonprofit website that turns visitors into donors. 

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Session 3

The Art & Science of Donor Retention

In this session, Ashley Dittmar—Director of Development at BlinkNow Foundation covers the art and science of donor retention. 

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Session 4

Facebook Ads:
5 Tips to Increase ROI

In this session, Brandon McRae and Ernie Civic of Community Boost will cover how to increase the ROI of your Facebook ads. 

Session 5

Virtual Networking

To network with your fellow nonprofit professionals, be sure to join our Digital Marketing for Nonprofits Facebook Group. Share your insights and strategies, plus get answers to your biggest digital marketing challenges. 

Session 6

Scaling Online Revenue & Impact Panel

In this panel moderated by Noah Barnett of Virtuous CRM, Katie Green (The Trevor Project), Alice Northover (Cancer Research Institute), and Matt Mundt (CURE International) discuss how to scale online revenue and impact. 

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Session 7

Google Ad Grants: 5 Keys to Success

In this session, Michelle Hurtado—Global Head of Ad Grants covers the 5 keys to Google Ad Grant success. 

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Session 8

How to Build & Grow a Recurring Giving Program

In this session, Megan Elliott and Shukri Mohamed of Community Boost cover how to build and grow a recurring giving program for your nonprofit. 

Session 9

How to Boost Year-End Fundraising in 2020

In this session, Ali McElroy of Classy is joined by Bruce Linton (All Hands and Hearts) and Fakhia Rashid (The Citizens Foundation USA) to cover how to boost year-end fundraising in 2020. 

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