NTEN 2019 RECAP: Key Takeaways From The Nonprofit Tech Conference

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, we will be sharing our top learnings from NTEN's 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland, Oregon. Tune in to learn more about how #19NTC went!

This past March, our team had the opportunity to attend the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland, OR. NTEN hosts this conference, where over 2,300 local, national and international nonprofits come together to collaborate, inspire and innovate new ways to spark change in technology within the nonprofit sector. With over 100 breakout sessions exploring technologies, strategic practices and pressing issues in the sector, conference-goers had the opportunity to attend an exhibit hall featuring the latest nonprofit products and services. Plus, NTEN also hosted networking events every evening.


Highlights From #19NTC

Connecting with the Google Ad Grants team was one of the highlights of the trip. We were able to discuss best practices, implement and share a variety of tactics, and learn their projections for the future of Google Ad Grants as a whole in 2019. Furthermore, we were able to assist various nonprofits in how to better understand and leverage their Google Ad Grants. The Nonprofit Tech Conference allowed for a certain feeling of transparency between the nonprofits and Google Ad Grants team, which was really amazing to experience.

In auditing and assessing different Google Ad Grant accounts, we were able to recognize some larger themes from the conference across the board:


The need for tracking meaningful conversions.

One of the major hurdles nonprofits are tackling is setting up conversion goals that give better insight into real value. Whether it is of monetary value (i.e. donations, purchases, memberships) or quality leads (i.e. form submissions, sign-ups), conversion goal tracking is an important tool that. 


Keeping up and maintaining the Ad Grant Account stipulations

Many nonprofits are having a hard time keeping their Ad Grant accounts from getting deactivated each month. To problem solve, and by taking all that our team has pioneered and learned over the years, we helped account holders by giving them the best tips and tricks when it comes to account maintenance. Additionally, we found it important to go into depth on why these deactivations may have come into effect in the first place. 


Eagerness for the future of Digital Marketing

One of the major insights we got from many nonprofits was their excitement and readiness to grow their organizations on the digital front. Digital marketing and innovative technology is on the rise, and we need to be making sure we are growing and adapting with it.


Our Learnings & Advice for Future Nonprofit Tech Conference Attendees

1. If you are a potential vendor looking to start relationships with the world’s top nonprofits, we highly recommend investing in booth space if you can afford it.

2. Don’t eat breakfast! NTEN caters an amazing breakfast that is different every day and will most certainly trump any food you would have at a nearby restaurant.

3. Check out the community events before finalizing any of your plans. There were many community events that ranged from karaoke to morning runs to major parties thrown at local restaurants.

4. Keep an open mind! Take the time to meet people from different organizations and vendors that you aren’t aware of, you will be amazed at what kind of partnerships you will be able to develop.

5. Make sure you are really clear on your organization’s top marketing, program, and administrative challenges and prioritize them before attending the conference. In doing this, you will be able to connect with people who have experience dealing with the same issues – and are able to problem-solve with you.

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