Nonprofit Marketing Summit: MOMENTUM Event Recap

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Thank you for capturing MOMENTUM with us at the Nonprofit Marketing Summit! Have you saved your seat to Fundraise to the Future, the largest nonprofit conference on August 16-18 2022?


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This event was built with you in mind, bringing together a community of 17,500+ like-minded nonprofit marketers for 52 high-impact sessions delivered by 75 incredible thought-leaders: all to empower you to capture the latest digital strategies you need to maximize impact.


We are so incredibly grateful for your hard work and dedication to making an impact on the world. Thank you for investing your time and trusting us with your education, we hope it empowers you to move your nonprofit forward this year.


Community Boost Team


If you weren’t able to join us this March, we certainly missed you! You can actually still purchase the recordings to get access to these powerful sessions, or you can register for our upcoming summit event in August! 


The Nonprofit Marketing Summit: MOMENTUM 


The fourth annual Nonprofit Marketing Summit hosted by Community Boost went live on March 8-10, 2022. Community Boost began hosting this event during August 2020 to help nonprofits shift their fundraising efforts online to navigate the rocky pandemic waters. 


In the last 2 years, we’ve seen a mass acceleration of digital adoption like never before — in 2020, there was a 32% increase in online revenue for nonprofits. Adapting the latest digital strategies isn’t just a “best practice” anymore — it’s critical to the future of nonprofit organizations.


But what if instead of just following the trends, you can get ahead of them? That’s why we decided to host The Nonprofit Marketing Summit: MOMENTUM. It was designed to help you capture the most forward-thinking digital strategies today to drive your nonprofit forward. 

A Digital Marketing Conference for Nonprofits


Similar to our previous events, MOMENTUM was 3 days long spanning over the course of 6 hours each day. At every hour of the event, there were 3 different stages that attendees could watch giving them the power to choose which sessions would be most relevant and helpful to them. 


Sessions covered a wide variety of topics including fundraising, email marketing, social media, diversity, equity, and inclusion, copywriting, Facebook Ads, the Google Ad Grant and so much more. You can check out our full session schedule here. 


This year was a little bit different because all 3 days were 100% free to attend live. We were able to surpass our registration stretch goal of 15,000 and produce the largest nonprofit marketing conference the sector has ever seen.


The Nonprofit Marketing Summit Impact 


3 days. 52 sessions. 75 speakers. 


By a long shot, this was our biggest summit event yet. By curating a show-stopping lineup of speakers, partnering with sponsors, and launching our own marketing campaigns we were able to bring in 17,584 registrations.


Of these registrations, about 5,000 marketers attended and they spent an average of 5.8 hours watching the event. Partnering with Welcome, the virtual event platform we used to host our event, allowed us to launch interactive polls during sessions which generated a total of 7,358 responses. Each stage had its own chat window which allowed attendees to leave comments and chat with one another totaling 14,828 chats sent. 


The engagement from attendees is really what blew us away this year. It was incredible to see so many marketers come together to learn, interact, and have fun with us. We prompted all registrants and attendees to join our online social media communities to continue networking and engaging on Facebook and Linkedin which have now grown to a total of 13,910 members. 


We specifically curated the sessions this year to help nonprofits maximize their impact, and it certainly sounds like it was a success. Here’s what attendees had to say: 


NMS Testimonials


The Nonprofit Marketing Summit Speakers 


We hand-picked the best speakers in our industry to help bring attendees the most value possible. It was important to us to bring in experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds that could speak on the most relevant topics. With 75 different speakers, it’s hard to highlight them all, but some of our most attended sessions were: 


We Are Awesome: Unleashing Nonprofit and Philanthropy’s Full Potential to Effect Change presented by Vu Le


Vu Le (“voo lay”) writes the blog He is the former executive director of RVC, a nonprofit in Seattle that promotes social justice by supporting leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities.


The Seven Writing Styles Nonprofit Communicators Should Master Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller


Kivi Leroux Miller is the Founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, where she helps nonprofit communications pros learn their jobs, love their work, and lead their teams.


Kickstart Your Nonprofit Growth In 2022 With The FREE $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant 

Presented by Emily Fisher 


Emily Fisher is the Google Ad Grants Area of Practice Manager at Community Boost. Seeing the full potential of the Google Ad Grant, Emily uses search ads to combine aspects of creativity and data analysis to help nonprofits further their goals.

How To Create A Branding Strategy For Your Nonprofit Presented by Arturo Rago of Canva

Arturo is a designer and design educator with over 8 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He has worked with the UN, the World Economic Forum as well as NGOs big and small.

Where We Are And Where We’re Going:  What Two Years Of giving Trends Tell Us About Risk And Opportunity For The Giving Sector Presented by Woodrow Rosenbaum

As Chief Data Officer for GivingTuesday Woodrow has been instrumental in shaping the global generosity movement, & has led ground-breaking research & analysis of individual giving behaviors with the GivingTuesday Data Commons.


How To Overcome Obstacles And Turn Your Story Around Presented by Rain Bennett, Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker

Rain Bennett is a two-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker, writer, keynote speaker, and storytelling 

coach with over 15 years of experience producing documentary films.


Other notable speakers include 

  • Beth Kanter 
  • Michael Slaughter, Classy
  • Pamela Grow, Basics & More
  • Salvatore Salpietro, Fundraise Up
  • Kayla Santalla
  • Tim Sarrantonio, Neon One
  • Rod Arnold, Leading Good
  • Lori Jacobwith
  • Martha Pena, Meta
  • Julia Campbell
  • Angela Pitter


There are too many to highlight in just one blog post! Check out the official event website to see who else made this event as powerful as it was. 


The Nonprofit Marketing Summit Sponsors 


Thank you to our incredible sponsors for making this event possible and free to attend! We could not have produced an event of this caliber without you. We only partner with organizations that we believe in and trust, so we are very grateful for their support.


This year we were lucky enough to partner with 31 different organizations, some of whom even spoke at our event! Our sponsors also contributed to what we called, “The Boost Pack,” a bundle of discounts and resources to help nonprofits save money on products and services that can assist with their digital marketing efforts. All registrants and attendees received access to the Boost Pack as an added benefit of registering for our event. 


To learn more about our sponsors, please visit our website. If you are interested in sponsoring our upcoming nonprofit marketing conference in August, please email




Key Takeaways / Conclusion 


To wrap it all up, the Nonprofit Marketing Summit: MOMENTUM was jam-packed with the best nonprofit digital marketing content in the industry. As we’ve continued to grow this event over the past 2 years, we might be able to claim the phrase, “The Largest Nonprofit Marketing Conference in the Industry,” with almost 18,000 registrants. We were joined by nonprofit leaders from all over the country, even some internationally, and we cannot be more grateful for the community that has been built as a result of this event.  

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our insights with you! We pour our hearts into this event twice a year, and we already can’t wait to see you all again this upcoming August 2022. 

Karen Vela

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