Facebook News Feed Updates Gives More Control to Users

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1.2 min to read ✭ Learn how your nonprofit can adapt to Facebook news feed features that are giving more control to users and their experience on the platform.

Meta has rolled out tons of new Facebook news feed updates, one of which is giving users more control over what they see in their daily feeds to make the user experience more enjoyable. 


“Show more” and “show less” buttons will begin appearing below posts from friends and recommended content on users’ news feeds, Meta announced today in a blog post. Clicking the buttons will temporarily increase or decrease how similar content is ranked, resulting in a more fine-tuned feed of content users. This will allow Meta to understand the content that their users are wanting to see which will be extremely helpful in keeping them on the platform longer. 


According to Tom Alison, the head of Facebook’s core app, the algorithm will record the preference for 30 to 60 days. Meta spoke on the Facebook news feed updates saying “Features like these can help you discover more of the content that’s valuable to you, so you can see more of what you want and less of what you don’t”.


Based on the buttons clicked, the Facebook news feed ranking system will be heavily adjusted to ensure all users are seeing the most relevant content. This also enhances how your posts are shown to your audiences. 


Below is a diagram on how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm works. To learn more click here.

facebook updates

As these changes take place, I would highly recommend that nonprofits start posting more relevant content. Getting their users to engage with their posts and telling them about this new update. Asking followers to “show more” posts like this will increase your overall Facebook news feed show-up rate. 


As with any update, there will be tweaks and adjustments, but organizations can begin to plan ahead as this change is here to stay. Making sure you are posting regularly, and engaging with your community while creating fun and engaging content will take your success on Meta further and further!

Ernad Civic

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