A.D. Players

Generating ticket sales by driving web traffic from the Google Ad Grant and Facebook Ads

Nonprofit Google Ad Grant and Facebook Advertising Success Story

A.D. Players worked with Community Boost to generate ticket sales for their performances.

$ 7,041
Ad Spend
Ticket Purchases
25 X
Return On Ad Spend

Their Story

Producing Compelling Theatre

A.D. Players was founded by Jeannette Clift George to offer a theater experience that would uphold human value, nurture creativity and promote artistic excellence and education.

Their Goal

Generate ticket sales while raising organization awareness

Ticket sales, along with donations, are what allow A.D. Players to continue to produce a higher standard of theatre for the diverse and growing city of Houston.  

The Solution

Drive Website Traffic Using the Google Ad Grant and Utilize Facebook Ads to Generate Ticket Sales

Driving Website Traffic

We used the Google Ad Grant to drive more traffic to the A.D. Players website. We were able to increase organization awareness through ad groups and campaigns created, as well as through specific ad groups highlighting their show calendar. These efforts drew more users to the website where they would have the option to make a ticket purchase. 

Utilizing Facebook Ads

We used a strategy of targeting new users in the Houston area with similar interests to the show that was running for the organization. This targeting method helped bring a new audience to A.D. Players, and we also ran ads to previous ticket buyers. Additionally, we retargeted all of these users based on key site pages they had visited to give a captive audience multiple chances to purchase tickets. 

Their Success: A Tremendous Lift in Ticket Sales

Through this strategy, A.D. Players has seen an increase in ticket sales for all shows across the board. Through Facebook alone from May through October 2019, we have generated:

2,934 website ticket purchases

At an average ad spend of $2.40 per ticket

Resulting in $146,700 in revenue

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