How To Use Responsive Fundraising To Mobilize Your Donors This Year-End & Into 2021

Make Your Year-End Fundraising Resonate

Today's donor is distracted. 

Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval the 2020 global health and economic crisis sparked. 

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how can you ensure your year-end fundraising is successful? 

You'll Learn How

- Technology and consumer brands are shaping what today’s donor expects, and how your nonprofit should shift year-end strategies

- Donor-centric nonprofits have pivoted from broadcast to responsive fundraising to build lasting relationships with all their donors and sustain mission-critical funding

- Technologies can help you personalize each donor’s experience and six responsive fundraising strategies that you can use immediately to raise retention rates and grow giving

Our own Eric Linssen will be welcoming Noah Barnett, the CMO of Virtuous, the responsive nonprofit CRM and fundraising platform that helps organizations easily create personalized donor experiences at scale that build better donor relationships. 

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