How to Increase Donations Using Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most impactful and widespread platforms in the world.

With over $2 billion having been raised on the platform, it is where your nonprofit needs to be—and we’ll show you how. Watch as our team of expert nonprofit digital marketers walk you through exactly how we’ve raised millions of dollars for nonprofits on the platform.

Hosted by Blake Arata, Director of Traffic & Conversions, and Ernad Civic, Facebook Specialist, at Community Boost.

What You'll Learn

  • What Facebook and Instagram Ads are, and what makes them unique
  • The basics of Facebook and Instagram ads, and best practices for setting up your account
  • CASE STUDY: How one nonprofit client was able to achieve a 98X Return on Ad Spend using Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Our 5 Tips to Boost Your Nonprofits Digital Fundraising with Facebook and Instagram, why they are important, and key strategies for implementation

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