The Keys to Launching Your Recurring Giving Plan

Learn How to Launch a Best-in-Class Recurring Giving Program on a Budget

Recurring giving can increase total donor lifetime value by 487%, increase average retention rate by 50%, and 52% of millennials are more likely to give monthly than a one-time donation!

Get the recording now to hear from one of our fundraising experts, Janaye Perry, as she gives an in-depth presentation on everything you need to know about donor stewardship after year-end.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Community Boost's 2021 approach: How to launch a best-in-class recurring giving program on a budget!
  • An overview of timeline, how to craft your messaging, design a landing page, and construct an email series
  • What channels are best used to promote and scale a recurring giving program

Watch the Webinar

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