How to Launch and Scale a Best-In-Class Recurring Giving Program

How to Launch and Scale a Best-In-Class Recurring Giving Program

Recurring donors, on average, are worth 4.87X more than a one-time donor to your nonprofit. Setting up a recurring giving program increases donor lifetime value, overall engagement, and makes your fundraising job easier. Setting up a program isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Get the recording of this free webinar where we go through exactly how our world-class nonprofit marketing teams have helped build and scale recurring giving programs for some of the biggest nonprofit organizations in the world—and how you can do exactly the same.

What You'll Learn

Michael Goodrum, Director of Client Service at Community Boost, will be joined by Nic Miller, Director of Partnerships at Fundraise Up, to cover: 

  • Case studies from some of the most effectively executed recurring giving programs in the world that you can take direct inspiration from
  • Donor-centric digital marketing best practices for launching, promoting and nurturing your recurring giving program
  • The best softwares to use to streamline and strengthen your recurring giving program
  • How to launch best-in-class recurring giving programs on reduced budgets

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