How to Manage Your Nonprofit Through a Recession

Achieving your nonprofit’s revenue and fundraising goals can be incredibly difficult during an economic downturn. Learning good nonprofit management is key. 

However, if your nonprofit is intentional about aligning and implementing a strong recession strategy, it is possible to actually seize growth opportunities during the trying times of market volatility. Gearing your nonprofit up to execute decisively can get you further than just weathering the storm.

Hosted by Cameron Ripley, CEO of Community Boost, and Cindi Phallen, President of Create Possibility.

What You'll Learn

  • A comprehensive overview of what this economic situation looks like for the nonprofit space
  • Stories of proven success during an economic downturn
  • The 5 Principles to Manage Your Nonprofit Through a Recession, why they are important, and key strategies to implement
          1. Practice Focused, Courageous Leadership
          2. Obsess Over Finances
          3. Invest More Into Marketing
          4. Every Day We’re Fundraising
          5. Move Faster & Seize Opportunity

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