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TikTok for Nonprofits: Using TikTok to Engage New Audiences

In this post, we’ll dive into the world of TikTok and how you can take advantage of it for your nonprofit.

Top 5 Marketing Channels to Promote Your Virtual Fundraising Event

In this post, you’ll learn the top marketing channels you can use to promote your virtual event.

5 Reasons Why Nonprofits Are Embracing the Crypto Philanthropy Movement

Cryptocurrency philanthropy has emerged as one of the brightest beacons of hope for the nonprofit sector. While the financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic found most nonprofits hosting virtual galas over Zoom as a sort of band-aid approach to fundraising, some organizations built an innovative, future-proof strategy by…

Email Compliance For Nonprofit Organizations: Understanding CASL

CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) is a set of laws that regulate commercial electronic messages (CEMs) in Canada. This includes emails, text messages, and other forms of electronic communication that are used for the purpose of promoting a product or service. While CASL applies to all organizations that send…