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7 Types Of Facebook Ads Your Nonprofit Should Be Using

Is your nonprofit running Facebook Ads yet? If you are, you might know that there are several different ad formats to choose from. Which formats are the most effective? How do you make sure you’re getting the best return on your ad spend? Let’s dive into it!  …

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is a central place where you can manage all of your business pages, ad accounts, and more. You can add other employees and agencies to help you manage your account without becoming Facebook friends, plus you can manage everyone’s access to your business account from…

Friday Five 001: Your Biggest Nonprofit Marketing Challenges SOLVED

Join us as we tackle some of your biggest nonprofit marketing challenges! In this episode, we cover nonprofit storytelling, analytics, and ad budget management.

3 Things Nonprofits Must Be Doing to Grow Facebook Following

In this post, we are covering the three main tips we have for nonprofit marketers looking to organically grow their Facebook audience. Read the blog for the details!