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Friday Five 033: Improving Your Ad Strategy

Join us in Episode 033 of the Friday Five, as we cover best practices to improve your ad strategy.

You Don’t Own Your Donors

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of focusing on retention and increasing lifetime value.

Friday Five 034: Connecting with Your Audience

In this post, we’ll learn about how to use verbiage that fits all markets within an organization, how to build a local audience, how to shift from corporate to increasing individual donors, and why keeping up with changes in tech is so important.

5 Facebook Strategies That Work In 2020

Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms available today. Shopify eCommerce accounts can see tremendous results through Facebook’s defined targeting system. Our nonprofits friends have also obtained spectacular ROI results utilizing these targeting options. You can see some of our case studies here. While Facebook has proven…