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Top Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2022

In 2021, the ability to adapt to the fundraising trends for nonprofits across the sector really went to show how able nonprofits are. Nonprofits grew and evolved with virtual everything, new donors experiences, and almost constant privacy updates. Despite the challenges we all faced, we saw that our…

Why Marketing is a Need Not a Want

Life has thrown us the major curveball that is COVID-19. So the big question here is how do we adapt? Organizations that have pivoted their strategies to be more digitally focused and have effectively invested in their marketing efforts online are the organizations that are not only surviving…

Friday Five 026: Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Join us in Episode 026 of the Friday Five, as we cover how to create a digital marketing strategy and strategies to get people to donate.

Friday Five 027: Seeing the Results from Digital Marketing

Join us in Episode 027 of the Friday Five, as we cover how to approach new marketing platforms and tracking your results.

Why You Should Be Using Data in Marketing

In this post, we will learn why marketing for a nonprofit is about more than just asking for donations and new strategies you can implement.

Friday Five 028: Testing New Strategies

Join us in Episode 028 of the Friday Five, as we cover new strategies to test out in your organization’s digital marketing.

Friday Five 029: Content. Content. Content.

Join us in Episode 029 of the Friday Five, as we cover creating meaningful content for all platforms and generations.

Friday Five 030: Making an Impact

Join us in Episode 030 of the Friday Five, as we cover the best ways to make an impact using social media, ads and personal outreach.

Friday Five 031: Protect Time for Engagement

Join us in Episode 031 of the Friday Five, as we cover how to engage younger audiences, how to use Google Ads more effectively, and how to create platform-specific content.

2019 Giving Tuesday Predictions

In this post, you’ll find out why Giving Tuesday is quickly becoming the 2nd biggest fundraising day of the entire year and predictions for Giving Tuesday 2019.