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Intro to Conversion Design: Pop-Ups Aren’t Outdated

In this post, you will learn the importance of conversion design. We will introduce you to two pop-up tools, smart bars and scroll boxes, and why they will help accelerate user traffic and yield conversions from your nonprofit’s website.

Here’s How to Start A/B Testing Your Website

We’re sharing tips on how to A/B test your website! Learn what tools you can utilize to increase your efficiency and effectiveness with A/B testing.

3 Conversion Design Elements Your Nonprofit Needs to Be Using

In this post, we will explain how you can use conversion design elements on your website as a form of storytelling.

Successful Fundraising Stories at Community Boost

It’s always heartwarming and inspiring to hear successful nonprofit fundraising stories. With the right plan and a solid strategy, any nonprofit can be successful.    Here at Community Boost, we scale results for nonprofits of all shapes and sectors by leveraging the Google Ad Grant, Facebook and Instagram…