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Understanding AdWords Express For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, you probably have limited bandwidth for marketing. You have plenty of other things to think about: employees, operations, and spreading your mission. Maybe you’ve heard of the Google Ad Grant and the $10,000 a month in free advertising that it provides, but you’re hesitant…

How to Take the Google Ad Grant From Good to Great

Introduction to the Google Ad Grant Google Grants is a $10,000 monthly advertising grant to advertise on Google Grants has the potential of driving 10,000 to 40,000 new website visitors to your website every month!   You can use Google Grants to: – Reach donors, volunteers, and…

New AdWords User Interface (Alpha)

The long awaited AdWords UI, called AdWords Alpha is rolling out. Although not everyone has access, Community Boost created a first-look at what to expect with AdWords Alpha. Our team is thrilled to see a new and sleek design that is expected to be more user-friendly. We have…

How to Build Successful Crisis Shell Campaigns With the Google Ad Grant

We’re sharing what steps your nonprofit needs to take to make the biggest impact during a crisis shell campaign! Learn more about building crisis campaigns in today’s #dailyvlog.

Here’s How to Get Your Nonprofit Approved for Google’s $10,000 Ad Grant

We’re sharing exactly what it takes for your nonprofit to get approved for ten thousand dollars in ad spend with Google’s Ad Grant. Learn more on the blog!

These Are the Key Differences Between a Google Ad Grant and Paid Ads

Learn the key differences between advertising through the Google Ad Grant account and a Paid Ads account. While the two are both advertising platforms within Google, there are important limitations to note within each type of account.