The 2023 Nonprofit Acceleration Report

Innovation Boosts Growth

Let's face it, you have a tough job. As a nonprofit marketer, you’re always trying to stay on top of ever-evolving communication channels and technology in order to drive success.

But, it can be hard to navigate, especially if you don’t have the data you need to identify and select the right marketing strategies you can use to drive growth this year.

The Nonprofit Acceleration Report was created for this exact purpose: to identify the highest-performing nonprofit marketing trends and anticipate the emerging trends helping nonprofits to drive growth.

So, we launched The 2023 Nonprofit Acceleration Survey and gathered the latest insights from over 1200 nonprofit professionals to study how marketing channels like social media, advertising, SEO, email marketing, and more are being leveraged to advance their mission.

Using the most recent data and the insights distilled in the 2023 Nonprofit Acceleration Report, you’ll be able to implement these learnings into your marketing plan in order to drive growth at your nonprofit 

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