The 2022 Nonprofit Acceleration Report

The Future Is Digital

It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused a major shift for nonprofits: Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen a mass acceleration of digital adoption like never before.

And what we’ve seen is that nonprofits could survive and even thrive with an increasingly digital approach to engaging supporters and new audiences.

But, there’s a difference between adopting technology and using it effectively to scale impact. So, we wanted to dive deep and learn exactly how nonprofits are driving growth: enter the Nonprofit Acceleration Survey.

Community Boost, a digital marketing agency that works with nonprofits, surveyed more than 439 nonprofit organizations about their approach to digital marketing to get a pulse on where nonprofits are succeeding and growing into digital strategies.

In this report, we’ve pulled together the top insights from the survey to share the trends in digital marketing for nonprofits and predict the biggest growth drivers for organizations moving forward.

With the findings learned from the Nonprofit Acceleration report, your nonprofit can get ahead of the trends so you can scale impact this year. 

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