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Tell us a little about yourself.

Geraldine Zamora (GZ): I’m originally from the Bay area, but I’ve been in San Diego for over 10 years. I did my undergrad at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) and completed my master’s degree at UCSD in nonprofit management. I’ve been working in the nonprofit space for about seven years.

Carrigan James (CJ)I’m from the Bay area. I am a recent graduate of the University of California – Santa Barbara with a degree in sociology. I’ve been working with nonprofits for about four years and I moved to San Diego for this job.


What first made you want to apply to Community Boost?

GZ: I am super passionate about the nonprofit space. I’ve worked with local grassroots organizations and other organizations all around the world. Community Boost is a great way to hone all of the skills that I’ve gained and all of the passion that I’ve carried throughout my career into one place. Working with some of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations is what I’m so stoked about.

CJI’ve always wanted to work for nonprofits and have worked for a few in the past, such as environmentalism and cancer nonprofits. After reading a hundred different company descriptions, Community Boost intrigued me the most. After stalking the employee’s LinkedIn profiles, I saw that everybody also had a background in nonprofits and it just seems like a good fit for me.


What are you most looking forward to in your time here?

GZ: Seeing growth for myself, but also with the organizations I’m working with. Being able to take in their mission, their goals, and really elevate those components in a seamless way with a lot of care and passion.

CJ: I’m really excited to see this company grow as a whole because it is a startup. It’s been growing exponentially since I’ve been here. I am excited to work one on one with clients and be able to help them through the platforms and provide them with as much support as possible to propel their message to audiences.


What is one thing you’ve learned so far?

GZ: The one thing I’ve learned is that there really isn’t an “apply all” solution to every organization. Each organization is unique, the audiences you’re speaking to are unique, so you really have to hone in on what works, what doesn’t, and just learn who you appeal to and really speak to those people in a compassionate way. Drawing these factors out and pulling on heartstrings can help make these messages be as passionate as you are about the work’s mission.

CJI’m learning that everything takes teamwork. From talking to the organizations to working with your coworkers, bouncing off ideas, optimizing and deciding on the best strategy. This definitely takes a collaborative effort.


What is one thing you’re passionate about?

GZAnimals! The nonprofit space, as a whole, does really great work for animals all around the world that otherwise wouldn’t have a voice. So for me, I like being a voice for the voiceless. I run my own program in Mexico with dogs. I try to do what I can and do my part to help some of these animals in more rural and underdeveloped places

CJOne of my biggest passions is the environment. I did a lot of independent study work at UC Santa Barbara on food security, as well as working for local nonprofits and local grassroots nonprofits. I’m a huge backpacker and camper. I love to be at the beach or anywhere outdoors. 


What is your favorite core value of Community Boost?

GZ: Transparency is key. Keeping organizations up to date on everything – the good, the bad, and the in-between. Also, transparency with coworkers and with anybody that you’re interacting with. Some conversations can be uncomfortable but at the end of the day, transparency leads to good results and a good overall environment.

CJEnvironment. We try to harbor a culture that everybody’s on the same page and that we’re being social entrepreneurs first before we are workers. It’s important that all of our values align because when you are in the market of helping nonprofits, you need everybody to be on the same page.


What is one digital marketing tip you can give our readers?

GZNearly the entire world is on the internet so you need to use the internet to leverage the work you’re doing internally. If you’re not online and if your online presence is not strong, you are missing out. So whether you come to Community Boost or whether you start internally doing your own campaigns, make sure you’re out there on Facebook, Google ads, etc. 

CJReach out to your resources. Never stop optimizing. Always trying to figure out how you can do better because you can always increase what you’re doing right now.

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