New Blood: What The First Few Weeks At Community Boost Are Like

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2 min to read ✭ In this post, our two new hires will be sharing what it’s been like working at Community Boost for the past two weeks . Tune in to learn more about their backgrounds and what they look forward to at Community Boost!

Where Were You Before Community Boost?

Before coming to Community Boost, Brandon worked in Account Management & Sales. For him, it has been rewarding to be working at a place like Community Boost where you get to work with different nonprofits who are doing so much good work.

Prior to working at Community Boost, Shukri had experience working in Marketing and Public Relations with nonprofits and social enterprises. So, joining the team at Community Boost was just down her alley, because she gets to continue to work with organizations that are making a huge impact.


How Have Your First Two Weeks Been?

Brandon: The first two weeks have been a whirlwind. There are so many different systems that we are exposed to and have to learn such as Google Ads. Learning this new interface has been challenging, but rewarding because once you figure out how to do one thing it all starts to build on itself and you can continue to move on and keep learning. It is definitely an ongoing process, but the team has been so welcoming and supportive.


Shukri: The first two weeks have been overwhelming because you are getting hit with all these new systems. Whether it is Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or conversion design, learning all of these new systems really gets you exposed to what digital marketing really is all about. Also, after these two weeks I definitely feel more knowledgeable and more informed. At the end of the day everything we’re doing is impacting real lives and real organizations.


What Are You Looking Forward To?

Brandon: I’m looking forward to mastering and becoming a specialist in one of the areas within Digital Marketing, whether that is with Google Ads or Facebook Ads.  I am also looking forward to becoming an Account Manager and being able to execute on a strategy. Taking on that role will allow me to create a strategy for the client and it will really allow me to use my account management background.


Shukri: I have been really enjoying doing all the behind the scenes work for clients, like conversion design. However, I am looking forward to taking on the challenge of becoming an Account Manager and being able to interact with clients one on one. Also I’m just very excited to be able to continue to grow and learn in this position and all that it has to offer.

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