Five Great Veteran Nonprofits

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Five Great Nonprofits That Benefit Veterans

Happy July 5th everybody! All of us over here at Community Boost hope you had an amazing 4th of July! To celebrate July 5th, here are 5 great organizations that help the veterans who’ve sacrificed to keep our country the land of the free.


1. Wounded Warrior Homes

There’s nothing like having your own space to call home. A place you can retreat to, relax in, and use to recharge yourself for the challenges that life has to offer. Wounded Warrior Homes knows this all to well. They are an awesome nonprofit based out of San Diego that provides transitional housing to veterans returning from overseas who are afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or Traumatic Brain Injuries. Veterans often don’t have a home to return to, or that home may be too far from a VA hospital that is properly equipped to treat their condition. Wounded Warrior Homes aims to remedy this issue by giving veterans a chance at restarting their lives with the independence and comfort only a home can provide. Check them out here: Wounded Warrior Homes


2. Pets for Vets

If you’ve ever gone through a difficult time with a pet by your side, than you know how important they can be to helping recovery. At Pets for Vets, shelter dogs are paired with homecoming veterans who suffer from PTSD to help heal their emotional wounds. These dogs are personality matched with veterans and are professionally trained to fit into the lifestyles of their new friends, and in some cases are even trained in how to recognize and deal with panic attacks or anxiety induced disorders. If you want to support this awesome organization, check them out here: Pets for Vets


3. Welcome Home

Welcome Home was founded in 1992 by a group of Vietnam War veterans who became concerned with the number of fellow veterans that were ending up on the streets. In response to this crisis, they worked together to create a shelter for homeless veterans. Since it’s inception, Welcome Home has evolved into more than just a homeless shelter, providing a wide array of services to homeless veterans in the Missouri area, such as emergency food, shelter, clothing, and help for veterans to obtain permanent housing through the VA Supportive Services Award. Check out this game-changing organization here: Welcome Home


4. Adaptive Sports Foundation

The Adaptive Sports Foundation is an incredible organization that focuses on helping those with disabilities through the use of education and outdoor physical activities. One of their programs, the Warriors in Motion Program, is specifically designed to help wounded warriors to engage in sports, outdoor activity, and recreational activities. Through the use of these activities, the wounded warriors learn the importance of healthy living and physical well-being, in addition to how living a healthy lifestyle can benefit overall mental well-being Scope them out! Adaptive Sports: Warriors in Motion


5. Hire Heroes

Hire Heroes knows that for veterans to truly re-acclimate to civilian life, they may need help finding stable employment. To that end, Hire Heroes offers best in class free career coaching and job sourcing to thousands of US Military members each month. This singular focus and tireless dedication to their cause has led to the hiring of 16,000 veterans and military spouses and an estimated 194 million dollar economic impact in the veteran space. They are funded exclusively by public support and private grants, so if you want to donate to the cause or help out click here: Hire Heroes


In conclusion…

From providing companionship to providing housing, all of these amazing organizations are working tirelessly day in and day out to help those who fight to preserve our freedoms here at home. But without the public’s support, it can be difficult for some of these nonprofits to continue doing their important work. This 5th of July, show your support for both our troops and the organizations that help them come home by choosing to donate some of your time or money to these worthy causes, or any cause that you feel helps our soldiers when they return from overseas.

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