Toastmasters District 44

Recruiting new members through Linkedin advertising.

Their Story

Teaching Public Speaking And Leadership Skills Through A Worldwide Network of Clubs

Toastmasters D44 provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

This Georgia district, made up of 175+ clubs, is run by a team of volunteers who also work full-time. The team came to Community Boost with a lack of time and digital marketing expertise which left them with few other resources to recruit new members. After efforts to learn about digital marketing on their own, the team felt they did not have the capacity to leverage digital to the extent they would like. The team launched several LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns, realizing they didn’t feel confident in their work and funds without a comprehensive strategy behind it.

Their Goal

Recruit New Members Using Linkedin Ads

The organization’s main goal is to recruit new members to join clubs and develop their leadership and public speaking skills. The best way to learn about or join the organization is typically through a friend, or by emailing or calling a club. The team had an opportunity to further spread the word and encourage new potential members to visit a club through online channels.

Their Results

Before Working With Community Boost

Prior to our partnership, the Toastmasters D44 team tested out LinkedIn advertising. Campaign groups consisted of a single campaign with 1-3 ads. Most campaign objectives were lead generation, with an ask to sign up to learn more about a club. The lead generation campaign that was delivered from February 4 to March 4, 2021, spent $1,000, collecting 3 leads at $333.33 each. The ads received 26K impressions. Later that year, a May 6 to June 6, 2021 campaign spent $1,000, garnering 7 leads at $142.86 each. The campaign’s ads received 23K impressions.

After Working With Community Boost

Within the first month of advertising this asset and testing different creative, 53 leads were collected at $29 each. By September, the 3rd month of optimizing to reach the right audiences with the right creative, we garnered 69 leads at $16.61 each for a total of $1,146. In that same month, the ads also received 26K impressions -- a similar number of eyes on ads as an earlier Toastmasters campaign, but with the right audience and strategy, we added 69 new emails to their list. At a total of $3,867.53 spent over 3 months, 185 leads were collected at an average of $20.91 each. With almost 200 new emails of interested professionals, Toastmasters could reach out to them over email, greeting new potential members with a warm welcome.

Our Solution

Provide Value

A few months later and into our partnership with D44, we began with a strategy to offer a useful asset to users on LinkedIn. We asked: what would provide real value to potential members? The asset we created provided 7 tips for public speaking, free. We created specific audiences targeting recent graduates, people interested in public speaking, younger demographics lacking confidence in public speaking, and lookalike audiences of current and canceled members.

Target Strategic Audiences

By targeting strategic audiences with varying ad copy and creative tests, we discovered several personas looking for the opportunity to grow confidence and practice public speaking. We offered a valuable asset to begin developing their skills, gathering a group of local professionals to build Toastmaster’s online community.

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