Teton Valley Ranch Camp

Generating email submissions with Facebook Ads and the Google Ad Grant for their summer camp

Nonprofit Facebook Advertising and Google Ad Grant Success Story

Teton Valley Ranch Camp worked with Community Boost to test Facebook Advertising and the Google Ad Grant to generate email form submissions for their summer camp. 

$ 2,031
Facebook Ad Spend
Interest Form Submissions
$ $44,696
Ad Grant Ad Spend
Camper Application Clicks

Their Story

Your Adventure Awaits

Teton Valley Ranch Camp (TVRC) is a residential summer camp for boys and girls, ages 11 to 16. TVRC provides an extraordinary 30-day summer camp experience on their ranch and on the trails of the beautiful and rugged mountains of Western Wyoming.

Their Goal

Enroll children who would return to the camp year after year

TVRC seeks out campers from all over the world, and their goal was to reach more parents online in the hopes that they would not only enroll their children in summer camp, but they would become dedicated TVRC camp families year after year.

The Solution

Use Facebook Advertising and the Google Ad Grant
Along with a Specific Landing Page for Email Capture


Although TVRC’s summer camp runs from June to August each year, we knew it was essential to keep them top of mind year-round and encourage families to sign up early. During the summer of 2019 we ran engagement ads to find new audiences, increase social proof, and remind parents that they could sign their children up for summer 2020 as early as August. Starting in August we launched a campaign focused on camper registrations in order to fill up the summer 2020 spots as soon as possible.

Variety of Images and Video

Teton Valley Ranch Camp sits on some of the most beautiful land in the United States, so using images and videos of the camp and the environment around it was a no-brainer. Using this type of creative almost forces people to stop their normal pace of scrolling and learn more about what you’re advertising. It was also important to have a variety of images and videos in order to test what works best with each audience.

Proper Conversion Tracking

It was important to have a clear idea of our impact in the digital space. Since TVRC uses a third party platform for camper applications that didn’t allow for direct tracking, we created a specific landing page to capture emails and better understand the effect our ads have on total camp enrollment numbers for the 2020 season. 

Their Success: Using a Combination of Facebook Ads and the Google Ad Grant

Each of TVRC’s campaigns significantly increased their email form submissions.

Running between July 1 and November 5, 2019 on Facebook they achieved:

83 interest form submissions

Running between April 1 and August 15, 2019 using the Google Ad Grant they achieved:

192 outbound camper application clicks 

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