Rivers of Steel

Promoting their tourism programs using the Google Ad Grant.

Nonprofit Google Ad Grant Success Story

Rivers of Steel worked with Community Boost utilizing the Google Ad Grant to increase brand awareness and and promote their tourism programs. 

Clicks Within First 30 Days of Launching
Conversions Within First 30 Days of Launching
6.75 %
Click-Through Rate Within First 30 days of Launching
+ 47 %
Increase in Clicks After First 30 Days
+ 124 %
Increase in Conversions After First 30 Days
+ 9.10 %
Increase in Click Through Rate

Their Story

A Vision for the Future, Built on the Past

Rivers of Steel showcases the artistry and innovation of southwestern Pennsylvania's industrial and cultural heritage through its historical & 21st-century attractions—offering unique experiences via tours, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, and more. Behind the scenes, Rivers of Steel supports economic revitalization—working on the grassroots level to deepen community partnerships, promote heritage tourism, and preserve local recreational and cultural resources for future generations.

Their Goal

Promote Their Tours

Their goal was to promote their Landmark Tours, the Carrie Carpool Cinema, Riverboat Tours, and other workshops and education programs by use of the Google Ad Grant.

The Solution

Google Ad Grant Campaigns

The Rivers of Steel team had yet to employ their Google Ad Grant. Upon teaming up with Community Boost, we cast a wide net by launching a robust Ad Grant strategy, that included campaigns per each of their tour types, as well as specific campaigns for their different workshops. We tested multiple bidding strategies and different geo-targeting strategies depending on the individual campaign’s focus. Responsive ads were also tested and are continually expanded upon based off of test results.

Here at Rivers of Steel, we're all very pleased with the results of our 2021 Ad Grant campaign support from Community Boost Consulting. 14% of our web traffic since the campaign launch has been prompted by the Google Ads, resulting in greater brand awareness and increased ticket sales.
- Rivers of Steel

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