Do Space

Increasing Awareness to Bring in New Members Using Facebook Ads

Nonprofit Facebook Ads Success Story

Do Space worked with Community Boost utilizing Facebook ads to bring in 221 new members in only four months. 

+ 221
New Members
+ 65
Different Types of Registrations Across Programs During our 4 Month Liftoff Program
+ 30 %
Increase in Retention Rate

Their Story

A Technology Library Providing Free Access to Software and Internet in Omaha

Do Space is a technology library open to everyone in Omaha. They provide free access to the latest software, devices, and ultra-fast internet. Do Space believes that the future belongs to those who understand technology, and the only way to ensure we’ll be part of this future is to dramatically change technology access and education in Omaha.

Their Goal

Increase Awareness, Bring in New Members, and Boost Enrollment

Do Space was looking to increase awareness of their services in the greater Omaha Area, bring in new members, and boost enrollment in their classes, workshops, webinars, and programs. 

The Solution

Brand Awareness Facebook Ads Campaign

We created a Brand Awareness campaign to help warm up new audiences and get them familiar with the work Do Space does in their community. Facebook advertising helped bring in 221 new members to Do Space and led to 65 different types of registrations across programs during our four month Liftoff program.

Membership Facebook Ads Campaign

We ran campaigns urging people to become Do Space members and register for services provided by Do Space including classes, webinars and space rentals. During the course of our engagement we discovered that when people become members of Do Space, their retention rate jumps from 2.14% to 33% one month after interacting with Do Space. This reinforced the idea of having memberships at the forefront of their marketing strategy. 

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