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We help nonprofits build marketing systems that acquire attention from potential supporters at the right moments, then ignite that attention into meaningful action – and we’re not talking about page likes or post shares.

In a nutshell we…

Help Drive Essential Actions From Nonprofit Supporters

Marketing has evolved to an exciting place with the advancement of technology. Now in 2019, we have the ability to build automated marketing systems that engage supporters during every stage of the relationship building process.

Google Search ads along with Facebook and Instagram ads excel at Awareness by bringing high quality visitors to your site.

Unique Landing Pages and Conversion Design Elements ensure the initial Conversion, like joining your list, happens consistently.

Email Marketing alongside Facebook and AdWords remarketing keep your nonprofit top of mind and spark positive Consideration.

Email, AdWords and Facebook Remarketing, Conversion Design Elements and Landing Pages all make their return to drive both Investment and Advocacy from new supporters.

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Our Services

We Specialize In

Google Ad Grants Management

The Google Ad Grant allows qualifying nonprofits to spend $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google. The Grant puts nonprofits on the first page of search results when it matters most.

Google AdWords - Search, Display and RLSA

Google Display and Remarketing Ads bring visitors back to complete crucial actions, while Paid Search Ads keep your nonprofit on the front page during the most competitive searches.

Google Analytics Management

Track the most important web activity being taken by your audience. Discover exactly which marketing channels are leading to meaningful actions being taken online, and which ones aren’t.

Facebook & IG Advertising

Utilize paid Facebook and Instagram advertising to connect with thousands of new potential supporters who have the exact same characteristics as your current core contributors & audience.

Landing Page Development

Create beautiful, easy to integrate landing pages with a single purpose in mind – converting visitors into donors, volunteers, subscribers, or whatever is most valuable to your organization.

Conversion Design

Conversion Design ensures new visitors are consistently completing the most important goals on your site – like learning your story, joining your lists and of course, completing donations.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing allows nonprofits to communicate with their audience at every stage of the relationship building process. Utilize automations to nurture new subscribers in a personalized way.

Persona Development

Persona Development creates internal guidelines to attracting your nonprofit’s most ideal supporters. It identifies your audience’s key motivators, allowing for streamlined (and better) marketing.

Case Studies

We believe high quality work should generate results that speak for themselves. Explore our Case Studies that cover a wide range of campaign types and marketing objectives!

Nonprofit Testimonials

We Love You Too

Thirst Project teamed up with Community Boost in late 2018 for digital marketing services, and we have nothing but positive feedback for this team. Not only does Community Boost bring unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to each meeting and every assigned task, but they’re also incredibly knowledgeable & creative when it comes to digital marketing. 

Our partnership has been primarily focused on the development and management of Paid Social Advertising as well as their superb management of our Google Ad Grant. Their expertise has made all the difference for us in driving revenue and traffic online. Their team operates as an extension of our own and they consistently execute campaigns and introduce ideas that serve the best interest of our organization, supporters and the people that we serve.

Community Boost has helped us reach even MORE audiences than ever before and develop a stronger online connection with our existing donors in unique & sophisticated ways. If you’re looking to expand your network, further your mission and create even more impact then we definitely recommend working with Community Boost and the amazing marketing services they offer!”

Seth Maxwell

Founder & CEO, Thirst Project

Ready to Take Your Nonprofit’s Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level?

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