Utilizing the Google Ad Grant to Increase Donations

The Trevor Project is an organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. See the full case study of how we achieved this in the video below. 


Organization: The Trevor Project


  • Consistency  

  • Non-Branded Search

  • Quality Search Terms

Our Solution

 Connecting on Non-Branded Search Terms

We used non-branded search terms that had intent that was aligned with The Trevor Project’s mission. We saw donations coming in from search terms including “LGBT Suicide Prevention,” “Gay Suicide Prevention,” “LGBT Suicide Hotline,” and “LGBT Youth Charities.” 

Protecting Branded Search Terms

When someone searches “The Trevor Project,” we want to have as much real estate on the first page of Google as possible. Part of the Ad Grant was used for this to connect people with numerous resources from The Trevor Project. 

The Google Ad Grant Is A Free Traffic Machine

cBC was able to utilize $11,089 in free Google Ad Grant spend, sending thousands of new site visitors to The Trevor Project’s website. 

Not only did this save The Trevor Project thousands of dollars in ad spend they would have spent with a traditional Google Ads account, but their Google Ad Grant performed extremely well, generating tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Our Success Together


Visitors to the website directly from the Ad Grant


Ad Grant Donation Revenue


Direct Donation Transactions from   Clicks on the Google Ads

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