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Tenement Case Study

Tenement Museum’s Google Ad Grant just wasn’t working for them.

Tenement Museum was already approved for their $10,000/month Google Ad Grant, but they just couldn’t seem to get much value out of it. They had an amazing mission and offer, but they were having trouble finding the right targeting to get their account off the ground. In need of a strong digital marketing partner to empower their paid efforts, Tenement Museum reached out to Community Boost for support.

Looking to grow their private event space rentals, Tenement Museum put forth a goal of 30% inquiry growth year-over-year while also wanting to maximize their full Google Ad Grant budget.

This ambitious goal was supported by advanced audience targeting capabilities, ongoing optimization opportunities, and an engaging social media presence. To get their eye-catching creative in front of the right customers, Community Boost managers would need to build dynamic and bold new campaigns.

The Tenement Museum Three-Step Solution:

  • Based off Tenement’s analytics data, Community Boost identified a missed opportunity to expand targeting to a national audience. New campaign strategies were developed to target people in AND who showed interest in New York city.
  • Once our campaigns started to bring in more conversions, we created maximize clicks and maximize conversion campaigns, an advance bidding technique, that allowed us to bid over $2.00 cpc for more competitive keywords.
  • With a wave of new traffic reaching their space rental pages Community Boost deployed smart bars, scroll boxes, and exit intent pop-ups to move leads through the full funnel of inquiring about space rentals. Community Boost’s smart bars lead to 10-25 new people looking into space rentals each month. This bar was also shown across site, and started to drive second hand inquiries from people who were originally on the site for walking tours.

Hitting Our Goals

Within three months, Community Boost not only met Tenement Museum’s ambitious growth goals but far surpassed them.

Tenement’s rental page had a 48% lift in total site traffic and an additional 12% in rental inquiries each month, both of which continued to grow.

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