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Canva for Nonprofits: Boost Your Visuals and Impact

As you probably know by now, visuals have become a crucial component of effective nonprofit communication strategies. They have the power to evoke emotions, forge connections, and deliver complex messages in a memorable and accessible way. However, creating compelling visuals can be a challenge, especially for nonprofits with…

How To Increase Your Newsletter Subscriptions

The Current State Of Newsletters Let’s be honest with ourselves. When we hear the word newsletter, what do we think? Monthly? Subscription? Informational? Lengthy? Not interested? It’s safe to say that the market is fairly saturated with newsletter subscription opt-in boxes like this: Now while these are better…

Best Nonprofit Podcasts

Are you a nonprofit leader or marketer that is looking for a list of the best nonprofit podcasts that can help you achieve your fundraising and social impact goals?   Here at Community Boost, we are huge fans of nonprofit podcasts and audio learning. As consultants, it is our…

[Infographic] Donation Emails: The Do’s and Don’ts

Asking for donations via email can be a tricky task at times. It’s not as personal as a face to face interaction, and if the donation request email isn’t spot on it’s often overlooked or sent straight to the trash. Luckily, we here at Community Boost have assembled…

Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Traction Channels Guide

What nonprofit leaders will learn from this post: The below post, “Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Traction Channels Guide” has been designed to empower nonprofit marketing and fundraising leaders (that are often dealing with tight budgets and limited resources) to: Understand, rank and prioritize the different nonprofit marketing and…

New Paradigm of Digital Marketing Education for the Nonprofit Sector

In this post, you will learn why Community Boost has committed to delivering daily blog posts, podcasts, and educational videos that will help nonprofit leaders and nonprofit marketers excel on the digital front. You will know where to subscribe and what type of content to  expect in the near future to ultimately help drive online revenue and grow your organization’s impact.

Intro to Conversion Design: Pop-Ups Aren’t Outdated

In this post, you will learn the importance of conversion design. We will introduce you to two pop-up tools, smart bars and scroll boxes, and why they will help accelerate user traffic and yield conversions from your nonprofit’s website.

This Is Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Celebrate Failing

In this post, you will learn what high impact fails are, why your nonprofit should be celebrating failure, and how they will ultimately push your organization forward.

Nonprofit Year-End Fundraising: ‘Tis the Season to Take Risks

In this post, you will learn why your nonprofit must be taking strategic risks on the marketing front that maximize your year-end fundraising efforts. Check out today’s #dailyvlog to know what those look like.

Stop Giving Your Nonprofit’s Social Media to Interns

Learn why social shouldn’t be in your interns’ hands and why it’s important to build out a social media strategy. Check out today’s #dailyvlog to see who should really be in charge.