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11 Spring Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Why Are Spring Fundraising Ideas Important to Have? The arrival of Spring means it is time to gear up for the year’s second-most profitable period of fundraising after the holiday season rush. We made it through another winter and people are ready to emerge from seasonal hibernation and…

Top Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2022

In 2021, the ability to adapt to the fundraising trends for nonprofits across the sector really went to show how able nonprofits are. Nonprofits grew and evolved with virtual everything, new donors experiences, and almost constant privacy updates. Despite the challenges we all faced, we saw that our…

The 13 Requirements for Nonprofit Marketing Greatness

These 13 requirements of nonprofit marketing greatness are both inspired and sourced by working closely with tremendous marketing teams, as well as teams that are still figuring out the full way that they can operate and how they can improve. These 13 requirements are what separates good marketing…

New Hires: Welcome Josh and Michele

Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from. Michele: Hi my name is Michele. I am from California from the Central Valley. I moved down to San Diego about six months ago when I started at Community Boost. I moved down here from the Bay…

New Hires: Welcome Hailey and Karen to the Team

Tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from. Karen: My name’s Karen I’m from San Diego, born and raised. I’ve been here my whole life. I went to SDSU, and now I’m here at Community Boost. I started in February, so I’ve been here for a…

Why Marketing is a Need Not a Want

Life has thrown us the major curveball that is COVID-19. So the big question here is how do we adapt? Organizations that have pivoted their strategies to be more digitally focused and have effectively invested in their marketing efforts online are the organizations that are not only surviving…

New Hires: Getting to Know Linda and Jason

In this post, we’ll learn about our two new hires, why they chose Community Boost, and what they’re most looking forward to.

New Hires: Say Hello to Eric and Eva

In this post, we’ll learn about our two new hires, what superpower they would want to have and their favorite core value here at Community Boost.

The Community Boost Team is Growing: Meet Shawn and MoMo

Learn about our newest hires Shawn and Momo and what led them to work at Community Boost.

2019 Year in Review

In this post, we interview our founder and CEO, Cameron Ripley, about the highs, the lows, and the learnings of 2019.