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The love for your cause should be matched by the quality of your message to donors. This requires an artistic eye for style and compelling storytelling that only video production can achieve. Connect with your donors through high-quality video production. 

How Video Production Helps Your Nonprofit

Explains Your Cause Effectively

A great video can convey a clear message about the ethos of your cause better than text or imagery alone. 

Tells Your Story

Any nonprofit knows that storytelling must be a key part of their marketing strategy. Those who are successful in this will continue to see growth year after year. 

Builds an Emotional Connection

Video is a powerful medium, which can build a strong connection needed to create long-term supporters by teaching people more about your nonprofit and showing them the impact you have. 


  • How do I make my video more interesting?

    Any great video needs to be thought out structurally in pre-production to ensure the audience stays interested. Having a great hood, intriguing middle, and compelling end will keep the viewers’ interest. Less is always more with the length of the video. Keep it concise down to the second. Attention is valuable and people lose interest very fast. Having a good sense of composition, video editing, pace, and audio design will also keep the story fresh and add nuance to the overall piece. 

  • Why should I care about the quality of my video?

    The production quality of a video will always set you apart from any other company with lower quality production value. The keyword here is value. The value brought by clean professional video only adds to your credibility and the effectiveness of your storytelling. As a nonprofit, your story is the most important thing you have, so tell it well. 

  • How long does the process take from start to finish?

    This changes according to the scope and the amount of moving pieces. A five-minute video could take a day or it could take a month or longer. This hinges on the type of shots, interviews, locations, people, and schedules. The workflow from ideation to upload goes through multiple phases and can touch many hands before it is finalized on your site. Set a deadline and build a reasonable schedule from the start. 

  • Why are some videos more expensive than others?

    Every production will be different in terms of budgets and capabilities. Time, resources, and creativity all come at a price and a company will always set their value according to their own bottom line and experience. The use of higher-end gear will typically cost more but not necessarily give you a better video. Use your judgment when comparing portfolios as well as with the actual person doing the creating. 

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