Nonprofit Social Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement is the process of understanding how much social change occurred and can be attributed to your organization's activities. 

How Social Impact Measurement Helps Your Nonprofit

Better Accountability

By measuring impact, you are able to report this information back to donors and funders to stay accountable for the mission you have shared. 

Scales Funding

Project funding is increasingly dependent on the strength of impact assessment. Social Impact Measurement appeals to the need for transparency and the demand for data.

Targeted Growth

You are able to get quantitative and qualitative feedback on areas of improvement for learning and growth.


  • Who is the best person in our nonprofit to oversee our Impact Measurement?

    Typically this depends on the stage of your organization. Ideally, your executive leadership and/or program staff start the process, and the program team oversees the incoming data to improve organizational impact.

  • How long will it take my organization to measure its impact?

    In theory, you will be collecting data and measuring your nonprofit’s impact over the lifetime of the organization. However, setting up the foundation necessary to begin collecting data should be a very brief process. With Community Boost’s framework, it is designed to only take about 2 months with set team meetings and thorough input. 

  • What happens after we set up our Impact Measurement foundations?

    After the foundations are set, our framework sets you up to begin collecting data with an actionable accountability timeline as well as guidelines of what to do specifically with your data. When your organization is then ready to communicate your impact statements, Community Boost supports creating these deliverables to share with your beneficiaries and can begin marketing.

  • How is Impact Measurement different from our strategic plan?

    The strategic plan is only one of the first steps in the process. There is collection, monitoring, and reacting to data that remains. Impact Measurement is what gives the strategic plan measurable guidelines to determine if you are on or off path.

  • What are the main phases of impact measurement?

    There is pre-data, during data, and post data collection. We recognize a majority of organizations jump to the during data, and struggle most with the post data phase, primarily because the pre-data phase was not fully fleshed out with the intention of collecting impact data that could be communicated to a variety of stakeholders. We focus heavily on designing your impact collection process with your beneficiaries top of mind. 

  • What holds organizations back from Impact Measurement?

    The majority of the market focuses heavily on lengthy and costly evaluation options for nonprofits. These pose major challenges for organizations that don’t have the budget or bandwidth to commit to, limiting the sector's opportunity for transparency. In addition, the most unspoken risk is that if the evaluation is not precisely accurate to the organization’s impact goals, it can expose extraneous data that may actually harm the organization reputation, when in fact it is simply miscommunicating the true impact of the organization, and this terminates the organization’s trust in monitoring and evaluation moving forward. 

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