Let's Talk Google Grants

Is your nonprofit interested in discovering if its $10,000 per month Google Grant has the potential to truly scale online revenue?

Here at Community Boost we currently help over 40 nonprofit organizations leverage their Google Grant and we look forward to evaluating if it is a good opportunity to help improve your cause’s online presence.

Meet Kayla...

Meet Kayla...

Kayla Williams specializes in helping nonprofits from around the world better understand if the Google Grant is a good fit for their organization. She excels at helping nonprofits determine if they should consider using the Google Grant to grow their online presence and revenue.

Whether you are brand new to the Google Grant, or have spent some serious time trying to fully leverage your $10,000 in monthly ad spend, simply complete the form to get in contact with Kayla and she will reach out to you in 48 business hours or less.

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