Conversions come in many shapes and sizes, from something as small as getting someone’s email to something as large as scoring a record donation. No matter what your goals look like, odds are you’ll be needing to build a landing page to help garner those sweet, sweet conversions. We here at Community Boost have assembled this handy little infographic for you as a resource if you’re currently facing down a landing page buildout. We hope it can serve you as a blueprint to building the best landing page you possibly can!

If you’re a nonprofit that’s too focused on changing the world to bother with building a landing page, don’t fret: One of the many services we offer here at Community Boost is world class landing page buildouts built to have best in class conversion design. If you want to let us worry about web buildouts, A/B testing, tracking, analytics, and conversion design while you save the planet, reach out to us! We’re here to help:

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