2 min read ✭ In this post, you’ll learn the four key tools for building a successful 2020 marketing plan. 

Today we’re talking about building a successful 2020! And to build anything, what do we need? We need tools! So we wanted to clue you in on our 2020 digital marketing toolbox. 

1. The Google Ad Grant

What’s the first tool that’s a must have for the 2020 tool box? The Google Ad Grant! If you haven’t heard of the Google Ad Grant, you can learn about it here. If you have heard of it, you know that the Google Ad Grant gives up to $10,000 a month to nonprofits to use towards Google Ads. You can drive quality traffic to your website which means engaging more donors, more supporters and more volunteers. This tool is a must-have to get new eyes on your organization and build towards a great year. 

2. Facebook and Instagram Ads

The Google Ad Grant is definitely a great jumping off point for 2020, but what comes next? The second tool in our toolbox that can make an impact is Facebook and Instagram ads. In addition to posts or even boosted posts, ads can truly target and meet people where they are already engaging. If you want to learn more about digital marketing for nonprofits and engage with other nonprofits facing similar challenges, be sure to check our Facebook group for nonprofit marketers.

Social media ads allow you to meet your new supporters where they are already at. Being able to bring new visitors to your site with the Google Ad Grant, and then retargeting them on Facebook and Instagram is a perfect 1-2 punch to get the brand awareness and new engagement that so many organizations are looking for in 2020. 

3. Knowing Your Organization’s “Why”

There are also tools to use in-house to make sure your organization from board members to staff to volunteers are all on the same page. That starts with communication about your organization’s mission and goals. We all know our mission statements, but diving deeper into the why behind our actions can help give volunteers, supporters and board members a clear and positive picture of what success looks like in 2020.

Ask yourself questions like, Why should our current donors give again? Why should new donors give? Where are the holes in our outreach to new supporters? What sets us apart from other organizations tackling the same exact problem? Answering these questions and more can give the organization fresh answers to long-term questions and get everyone excited about hitting goals in 2020!

4. Marketing Content Calendar

There’s a quote that says, “Goals that aren’t written down are just wishes.” It may seem basic, but having a shared calendar that everyone is working off is a must! Once you know the goals and story you’re telling, the content calendar helps you hit your deadlines, track your progress and stay ahead of upcoming campaigns and events. 

We know, everyone in the nonprofit world wears a lot of hats, so we hope these tools will help you build out a strong 2020. If you have questions about these, or want to learn what strategies have worked for others, reach out and we can set up a time to speak about your strategy and questions to build an incredible 2020!  

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