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Job interviews can be daunting regardless of what position you are applying to. While you want to say all the right things to impress your interviewer, it’s common that the stress of actually showing up causes disarray and makes you freeze up. However, even if you are not all that nervous, you could still be missing some really big opportunities throughout your interview. The best way to really crush your interview and get the job you want is by coming prepared to demonstrate your value and to fire back challenging questions. 

Step 1: Break the Ice

Instead of spending the minutes leading up to your interview anxiously waiting, be proactive and start thinking of ways to spark a quick conversation prior to the interview itself. You know, just something to break the ice.

For example, if the office has cool graffiti on the wall or maybe an interesting piece of art, take that opportunity to ask your interviewers about the story behind it. Sure, they could have just liked the way it looked, but it could also have a really great story behind it that your interviewer might dive into. Noticing the small details will not only help make you stand out, but it might also spark a really interesting conversation that then, would definitely distinguish your interview from the rest.

Step 2: Actually Tell Us About Yourself

When you get asked the question to talk more about yourself, take this as an opportunity to actually speak to who you are and tie it back to you align with the company’s values. Look at the core values on a company’s website and think about your opening statement about yourself, which should hit your interviewers with value from the start. Whatever you are about, showcase that and how what drives you will also ultimately drive the team and the company forward too. Interweaving yourself and your story into the values of the company you are applying to will be something that will set you apart.

Tying back to the values of the company also shows that you have done your research and that you care about what they are about. So, showcase your story and demonstrate the value you can add if you were to be part of the team.


Step 3: Prepare Well Thought Out Questions

The end of the interview is where most interviewees tend to miss their biggest opportunity. Making up questions on the spot is something that you must not do if you want to really crush your interview and impress your interviewers. Additionally, asking bland questions about company culture or what the typical day-to-day looks like will not help you stand out. What sets your interview apart from the rest is going deeper than surface level and challenging your interviewers with well thought out questions. Ask them about things that show that you have done your research. This shows that you not only want to learn more about the company, but also want to see where it’s going. This way, you are keeping your interviewers on their toes as they now have the opportunity to have to impress you.

So, what exactly do these types of questions look like?

Ask questions about the company’s business model

Inquire about their five-year plan or any future endeavors

Ask about any growing pains or challenges the company might be facing

Dig deeper about the sector they are in

Questions whose answers require some more thought are the ones that will ultimately impress your interviewers and keep your application on their company’s radar. You have to end on a powerful note, so ask pressing questions that will grab attention.

Step 4: Finish Strong: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Following your impressive questions will be your interviewers prompting you for anything else you would like to ask. Even if you asked all your questions and think you have nothing more to discuss, the trick is to not cut the conversation short too quickly. Don’t simply smile and say that they’ve answered all your questions. Take advantage of this time to reiterate how much you appreciate what the company is doing. Make sure to tie back why you are a good fit for the company, too. In essence, this is your closing statement. It’s your opportunity to make one final case for why you are the right candidate and not somebody else. Showing up here will definitely make you stand out.

Crush It…and Stay Connected!

Now, go crush that interview and get the job you want. Take into account these tips next time you are going in for a job interview, and let us know how it worked out for you! What other interview tactics do you use? Tweet us @CommunityBoost or drop a comment below. We’d love to see how you are showing up at your job interviews.

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