1 min read ✭  We’re sharing the top questions your nonprofit should be asking to get better donor feedback! Learn how to get a better look into your donors’ perspectives.

Giving season is in full effect. As you continue to reach out to donors in an effort to maximize your year-end fundraising efforts, you are going to want to get their feedback and see how they are doing. It’s important to check in on your donors. It’s not only beneficial because this shows them that you care, but also because you can see if your communication efforts are staying relevant to your donors. The worst thing you can possibly do for your organization and its brand is to offer no value to your audience. And the thing is, you have a TON of value to offer, so it’s just about projecting that value effectively. By getting feedback from your donors, you can do more of what is working and less of what’s not. Besides, how can you enhance donor experiences if you aren’t sure about what they want?

The key to getting donor feedback is not just about asking questions, but asking the right questions. It’s valuable to understand your organization from a donor’s perspective, so ask questions that will give you clarity as to why they are engaging with your nonprofit in the first place

1. What interested them in your organization in the first place?

2. Do they feel valued?

3. Have they ever engaged in your programs or had someone who’s been affected by your programs and services?

4. What steps are you doing to make them feel engaged?

5. How do they align with your organization?

6. What steps do they eventually take in order to donate?

7. WHY did they give?

The answers to these questions can actually guide and direct your focus on how to retain donors while also yielding new ones. Your donors obviously find value in your organization, but now it’s time to find out exactly why.

How do you approach donor feedback? What questions are you asking yourself as well as your donors? Share some insight with us by tweeting us at @CommunityBoost or by leaving a comment below! We’d love to see how you’re warming up your donor lists before year-end.

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